Sunday, October 18, 2015

Planarch Codex - Living Job Board Table

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Doing the minimal prep work that I do for Planarch Codex, I noticed that the jobs I'd rolled up for my band of Freebooters had gotten a little less random... Lots of work for criminals, cults and merchants, lots of deliveries... Now, I could just have players re-roll when they get those results on the table, but instead I've whipped up a slightly modified Job Table, keeping the things that haven't come up (or come up as often) and adding in some new options. I'll probably return to this as needed to update, change up options as I run Planarch Codex more and more. Find a printer friendly, non-blog version here.

Who is the Patron or Target?

[1-2] Urban Denizens

1 – gang
2 – road warden
3 – guild
4 – library
5 – temple
6 – wizard

[3-4] Strangers

1 – diplomat
2 – freebooter
3 – lawyer
4 – militarist
5 – pilgrim
6 – refugee

[5-6] Weirdos

1 – alien god
2 – diabolist
3 – immortal
4 – outlaw
5 – philosopher
6 – spirit

[1-4] Patron
[5-6] Target

What type of job is it?

1 – acquisition
2 – espionage
3 – exploration
4 – killing
5 – protection
6 – investigation

Where is the target? - Roll on normal table

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