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Extra Life - PCs I'll never be allowed to play - Recent Reading

The planning for the Ginger Giant's Extra Life event continues apace, and you can read and hear all 'bout it on his blog. 

You can also find our event/team donation page here and my personal donation page on the top right corner of THIS VERY BLOG (or here if you're too lazy to scroll elsewhere or use RSS or mobile). If you're a regular reader, please consider making a donation, even if it's only a few dollars. It goes to a good cause and the sooner I start getting a few donations, the less I'll need to spam my blog with pitches over the next month.

Ben had been making a few noises about not wanting me to play so ridiculous a character that I took over the game, so of course that was A GAUNTLET THROWN DOWN, and I had to come up with characters so ridiculous I'd never be allowed to play them in the event. Originally I had thought I could do a hundred but that was overly ambitious, so instead below are 23, two of which I originally pitched in my first Extra Life post.

Also below is some of my Recent Reading with a few thoughts.

Twenty Three Characters too ridiculous for the Ginger Giant to allow me to play. 

Put your favorite in the comments and maybe I'll try to play them sometime...
  1. the 25 James from Adventure Time as unarmed, unarmored and incompetent fighters who try and grapple, played sequentially, swapping in a new one for each of the first 24 deaths
  2. the infamous Horserer
  3. Sir Lanzo, human knight, if someone else wanted to play a Horserer and didn't mind having a rider. But not an option unless there's a horserer in play for my mount.
  4. 3 halflings, one a rogue, one a fighter and one a wizard, all pretending to be a human barbarian in a long coat ala Vincent Adultman. Maybe Gnomes instead since they are slightly smaller.
  5. Fart from Rick & Morty as a Transmuter? 1st level with limited power except that he can only be damaged by anti-matter. Wait, no, actually this would be a bard with the Moon Man song…
  6. Motivational Orb from Kaptara played as some kind of Bard? Cleric? Lots of buff spells, anyway. (READ KAPTARA)
  7. An adaptation of the Space Marine Mammal playbook from Apocalypse World. Not any class, would just cram in the Apocalypse World rules into 5e because fuck it, somehow I'll make it fit.
  8. Hank Venture as the Bat. Human fighter/rogue multiclass. But Hank Venture, transported to the lair of the Lich Whipple
  9. Rurrrrr. A skeletal warrior. Just a skeleton with fighter levels. Only capable of saying "Rurrrrrr"
  10. The Logyhr, from Garrett PI, would just sit, rotting in a chair outside the entrance to the Lich's lair, telepathically providing advice to the rest of the party.
  11. The Grand Galactic Inquisitor, who only says "Ignore me!" unless there is a baby. Wouldn't be stated because at the end an alien who show up and blast him with a raygun.
  12. Moth, from the World of Dungeons 1979, Planarch Codex hack of A Red & Pleasant Land actual play podcast game I'm running.
  13. Bender as Titanius Anglesmith, Fancyman of Cornwood, Warforged Fighter and noted Coward
  14. Lumpy Space Princess, as a Lumpy Space Sorceress, because obvi. Though I'd totes need to make the Space Sorcery Sorcerous origin
  15. A manticore that is strangely not evil (to get around the no-evil clause)
  16. A were-owl bear barbarian (but only if I got to keep the 13th age critical mechanic)
  17. A mummy based on Mummy Mum Muggy, a good mummy who would just be the sidekick of the most Dean-y PC there
  18. Gunter
  19. The Viscount of Citrus, his Sour Majesty the First. A wizard built on the artificer arcane tradition and completely ripped off of the Earl of Lemongrab
  20. Mule, barbarian venturer (this ones a deep cut folks)
  21. Har Har Finks, Gungan Bard so incompentant and clumsy he renders his opponents helpless with laughter
  22. Eudora, the severed head of a sea hag, probably played as a Fey pact warlock who'd tag along with a martially inclined PC
  23. Tippy-Toe as a druid who never leaves wild shape and always stays a squirrel, maybe in magical power armor
I've decided on something that should be fun, but is not any of these options, but I'll wait to reveal that... though Eudora might just be my back-up character choice.

Recent Reading

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