Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Returning Soon... Plus a podcast from only... oh... 10 months ago...

Well, this is embarrassing... I've really let this blog go, haven't I? Though I did manage to update before it had been a full year.

Basically I had a game fall apart as the rules system proved to be unable to do what it advertised (*cough* Iron Edda *cough*) and I hit a rut blog-wise, where I realized that I was spending all my time "running" games taking notes so I could write blog posts instead of, ya know, enjoying running the game.

I've done a good job keeping games going, for the most part, my Wednesday Group took up Beyond the Wall and that campaign is nearly a year old, my 13th Age Eyes of the Stone Thief game is still going strong and Christy and I hosted a very successful Extra Life event, but I just never really got back to the blog.

Now, though, I've got somethings planned that I can write about that will hopefully be interesting, useful or maybe even both, without relying on trying to just write up my last game session.

So stay tuned, I should be back on a regular posting schedule by March 2018, fingers crossed.

In the meantime, here's the last Antagonist Relations Actual Play Podcast of A Red and Pleasant Land. Schedules have yet to align again, and this might just be the last aRaPL actual play (or the last one for a while, at least), but in the meantime enjoy, and perhaps I'll go back and listen to it again myself to provide commentary.

Also, apologies to any who have been waiting for the next post from this blog. I think Blue Zoidberg sums it up pretty well...

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