Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thursday Table: Interesting Coinage

Sometimes it feels incredibly dull to simple give out 12 copper or 6 gold, so I've written up a 2d12 Table to help determine the vintage of any coins my players might find in a game. Why not make them wonder why that goblin has four silver pieces of ancient coinage from a distant land or if the snake person they just murderized had counterfeit coins to distribute or if they were unaware of that fact.

2d12 Coin Vintage
2 Magical or enchanted
3 Magical or enchanted
4 Distant, ancient coinage
5 Distant, ancient coinage
6 Distant, ancient coinage
7 Distant, recently minted
8 Distant, recently minted
9 Distant, recently minted
10 Local, recently minted
11 Local, recently minted
12 Local, recently minted
13 Local, recently minted
14 Local, recently minted
15 Local, recently minted
16 Local, recently minted
17 Local, ancient coinage
18 Local, ancient coinage
19 Local, ancient coinage
20 Counterfeit, local
21 Counterfeit, local
22 Counterfeit, local
23 Counterfeit, distant
24 Counterfeit, ancient

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