Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Post-Apocalyptic Names

As I'm prepping to run a Godless mini-campaign, I wanted to have a good post-apocalyptic name table to draw from. The Apocalypse World name list is great, but I've used it for a bunch of games, so I've cobbled together my own list. There are six columns so that as I use up results on list one, I can use list 2 when I roll the same result again.

d20 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Riley Nelson Cannon Miller Adalyn Shelbi
2 Loxli Madrox Tiara Thunder Aabriella Eryx
3 Harper Axtyn Trigger Merritt Spring Gunner
4 Aaban Radiance Kimber Colt Hanson Jones
5 Petronella Swanson Boundary Jaxzon Mortality Muhammad
6 Camilla Ruger Anderson Legacii Drexel Meyer
7 Caliber Rainbow Barrett Messiah Pier Wilder
8 Loring Veda Jackson Wyatt Grayson Como
9 Tel Daxter Gull Sorrow Prisca Sibilla
10 Bantum Yang Zyva Olson Mikko Walther
11 Mason Tobiah Lee Benas Tracer Lakewood
12 Psalms Whisper Oliver Cross Wim Nokomis
13 Roux Isla Lyrix Elijah Regret Peterson
14 Helix Aria Awa Zyrus Riot Emberly
15 Beaux Schmidt Cardinal Kia Horseshoe Xuri
16 Grace Carlson Robin Atarah Schultz Cressida
17 Peleg Kinsley Mavis Poppy Elon Rowan
18 Infinity Josiah Larson Wesson Flora Luxley
19 Blessing Xavian Mateo Luna Broxton Shooter
20 Brahms Yexalen Paisley Magnum Winchester Levi

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