Friday, November 30, 2012

Bottomless Dungeon Twitter Thing

Long ago I ran a Zombietweet-pocalypse game on Twitter.  It was fun, but a lot of work as I was (not so) secretly playing 3 of the 6 PCs in addition to GMing it. @Ironsolo and I have fond memories of it though, & I've thought about re-running it, but have never felt I could scourge up the needed number of players to make it worthwhile.
So instead @Ironsolo & have started a Bottomless Dungeon Twitter "game".  & I say "game" because it is only a game in the loosest sense.  The premise is that each Twitter account is a different dweller in the Bottomless Dungeon and the fun is in the interactions between the dwellers as players react & respond to other player's in character tweets.  So far we have:
*A cowardly food obsessed goblin.
*A trouble-making sarcastic undead 'geist' trapped in a cycle of destruction at the hands of adventurers & resurrection at the hands of necromancers.
*A dungeon possum selling magical trinkets.
*A by-the-books, humorless beholder middle-manager.
*A non-sentient gelatinous cube.
There are plans for a hilarious "Rave" Troll (possibly with redneck ogre rival?) But the "game" is open to all. Create a character by creating an in-character Twitter account & join by following the other dungeon dwellers.  Tweet as often or as little as you want.  The point of the thing is the more the merrier!
You can see the "game" at my Bottomless Dungeon Twitter list linked to below.  Enjoy & consider joining us.
Bottomless Dungeon Twitter List

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