Sunday, June 17, 2018

Antagonist Relations Podcast 37 - The Bear's Entourage

Antagonist Relations Podcast 37 - The Bear's Entourage

The third of three parts of our June 2018 Beyond the Wall Actual Play Episodes, now separated into bite size chunks for your audio enjoyment (or at least, not an listenable 3 hour podcast).

The party continues their search for a basement, visiting the mill, purchasing a sack of flour, then they visit the ruins of the Foaming Mug Inn where they finally encounter a basement… a basement full of a familiar rancid, musty stench… Also featuring Hugen’s further descent into blood vengeance...

Starring Ben as Hugen Coldhands, the New Watchman, Christy as Ziska Forespark, the Student of the Dark Arts, Mike as Jasper (Jape) Sweetberry IV, the Gifted Dilettante and Cassandra as Tulip, the Village Bear.

If you want to know more about Beyond the Wall, check out the Antagonist Relations reviews:

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