Thursday, June 7, 2018

RPG Inspiration Twitter Bot List - Sword Names Table

Instead of posting another table of surnames I've made, I figured I'd put this up. I made a list of RPG Twitter Bots I find interesting/inspirational. If you have any suggestions to be added, let me know.

RPG Inspiration Bots - a list by @antag_relations

I'm hoping to have a Magic Sword/Weapon name bot set up later this summer. I've been thinking about the few swords in Thomas' al-Qadim AD&D Church game, like Angel's Fang and Wizard Death. I created a little table to generate Sword names and then couldn't stop myself after, so I started randomly generating thousands of interesting magic sword names that will eventually go into the bot. But for now you can enjoy sword names like "Ghost Shaver" and "Moon('s) Edge".

d20 Sword Name Prefix Sword Name Suffix
1 Foe Wrath
2 Adversary Slicer
3 Spleen Vengeance
4 Death Fang
5 Moon Blade
6 Blood Render
7 Weakling Breaker
8 Gore Shard
9 Shining Wound
10 Silver Shaver
11 Dawn Death
12 King Ender
13 Angel Edge
14 Heart Skewer
15 Ghost Piercer
16 Sharp Slasher
17 Widow's Ache
18 Sir Carver
19 Steel Bane
20 Mountain Tickler

Also, last month I converted my old Zombie Twitter RPG account into a twitter account just for my RPG nonsense, which you can follow at its new handle: @antag_relations

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