Tuesday, August 18, 2015

For the Record: 1547 Leanmonth 20 (4th Skyday)

Picture stolen shamelessly from a player.

For the record...

In the D&D 5th Edition session I ran tonight, the six 3rd level PCs defeated the following during a 3 hour combat...
  • 37 goblins, give or take
  • 3 hobgoblins
  • 1 hobgoblin captain
  • 1 ogre
  • 8 goblin zombies
  • 1 ogre zombie
  • 1 wyvern
  • 1 giant acid slug (stated out with the black pudding stats)
  • 2 bugbears
This is not counting dirigibles filled with goblins and bugbears that they took out from a distance with a ballista. They also survived having an explosive ballista bolt go off when the monk dropped it while rolling as the result of a critical failure. They also rescued a couple of gnomes.

edited 8/31 to add list of Gob Loot they took from the Goblins they fought...

Gob Loot

  • A dragonscale bracer with three matching rings attached by fine silver chains
  • A small golden sphere with a pair of crumpled silver wings
  • A fragment of meteoric iron which seems to make animals feel uneasy
  • A small golden sphere with a pair of crumpled silver wings
  • A bronze oil lamp which lights with just a wave of your hand
  • A small golden sphere with a pair of crumpled silver wings
  • The hilt of a broken sword
  • A brass amulet which unfolds into a shield
  • A dragon's fang engraved with a dark symbol
  • A tiny squid-like creature floating in a bottle of clear green fluid
  • half eaten onion, turnip, parsnip,
  • scrap of paper marked in goblin “I.O.U. fiddy gold - Hrunk da Ogre”
  • vial of vile hooch
  • small tin of black lotus powder
  • small pot of pepper
  • hole in pocket; you just accidentally touched goblin nuts, dude!
  • Dwarf beard
  • Pair of loaded knucklebones
  • Stub of a crimson candle
  • Lump of tree sap
  • 3 fishing hooks
  • Dead spider
  • Clump of brimstone

and a letter...

To the festering carcasses known to men as Bronden,
I send greetings from the tower behind the well. This past season has been suspiciously merciful. I trust that the news of recent events here has reached you, and I likewise trust you received the claw I sent earlier, for otherwise you would be entirely unable to read the words I now set down. Though I am indeed made weary by the strain of maintaining this deception, I see the necessity in it, as, I am certain, do you. Under no circumstances should you speak to anyone who might possess any knowledge concerning your current condition. To do otherwise is to risk what little you have left.
Your most humble servant,
I have sent three copies of this missive via three separate routes in the event that some misfortune should befall the messenger.
Before this is over, I will have what’s rightfully mine, no matter what you’ve been told.


  1. Also not counting the fallen foes rising as undead.

    Plus the monk didn't mean to drop the bolt it was slippery.


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