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Shattered World - The Story So Far: A Summary Bare of Bone

Being a bare bones, long after running the game, GM based record of what has transpired in my D&D 5e Shattered World campaign. It goes without saying, but this is all to the best of my recollection.

last updated 10/04/2015

Calendar created with the donjon fantasy calendar generator. To see the calendar I created, go to the "data" option on the donjon generator and paste in the text below and then click to another option to get the data to reload with my settings:

  • 1543 Stormmonth 16 (3rd Silverday)
    • Character creation, last day PCs remember.
    • PCs enter the tower of Strofeus, the neutral wizard.
    • The Shattering Begins and Strogeus puts the PCs into a magical stasis.
  • 1543 Greenmonth 19 (4th Kingsday)
    • The Shattering Ends
  • 1547 Leanmonth 8 (2nd Skyday) [First Session]
    • PCs emerge from stasis 1132 days (3 years, 7 months and 22 days) after they last remember.
    • Play Summary
      • A horde of zombies and ghouls overrun the tower of the wizard Strofeus and the PCs are rescued by Captain Ishmael and brought on the Thalemegos
    • NPCs/Factions introduced:
      • Strofeus – Neutral wizard attempting to find a way to defuse the wizardly struggle over Silver.
      • Captain Ishmael – Allied with the Hidden Sun, has control of the steering of the Thalemegos, a gigantic flying ship, but does not have control over below-decks or the engines.
      • The Seer (reputation only) – Allied with the Hidden Sun, provides information for Captain Ishmael
    • Momentous things learned by the PCs
      • While they were in stasis the Wizard war resulted in an apocalyptic cataclysm referred to as ‘The Shattering’. The survivors live on airships, floating structures left over from wizards and the ground below is extremely dangerous, blasted and full of swarming armies of undead.
  • 1547 Leanmonth 11 (2nd Fastday) [Second Session]
    • Play Summary
      • Captain Ishmael recruits the PCs to assist Meepo of the Razorback Kobold clan in repairing one of the engines. PCs fight off Kobolds from the Lightning Tail clan who had sabotaged the engine. 
      • The PCs find the body of an elven wizard and loot it, obtaining
        • Glamoured Leather Armor
        • An Immovable Rod
        • 5 Beads of Force
        • Staff of Thunder and Lightning
        • A Wizard’s Spellbook
    • NPCs/Factions introduced:
      • The Razorback Kobold Clan – loosely affiliated with Father Machine, the PCs work with Meepo, one of the Razorback's engineers, who looses a hand as they rush to the engine.
      • The Lightning Tail Kobold Clan – serves Stormbringer.
  • 1547 Leanmonth 14 (3rd Skyday) [Third Session]
    • Play Summary
      • Captain Ishmael asks the PCs to locate Deckard, who has stolen the bodies of his recently deceased wife and child and to bring them back to Captain Ishmael so the bodies can be burned. PCs venture into the Junkyard and then below decks.
      • The PCs encounter Ettercaps and the undead Loghyr. They make a deal with Loghyr to give it access to the corpse of a dwarf and half a warforged in order to have the Loghyr give them the bodies of Deckard’s wife and daughter. Deckard makes a separate deal with the Loghyr to have his memory of his wife and daughter erased and accompanies the PCs back to Ishmael.
    • NPCs/Factions introduced:
      • Deckard – one of Captain Ishmael’s followers went crazy with grief after his wife died in childbirth and fled with the bodies. After making a deal with the Loghyr, Deckard has no memory of either his wife or child.
      • The Warrens - Section of the top deck that contains survivors who are not affiliated with Captain Ishmael or the Hidden Sun.
      • The Junkyard – Section of the top deck controlled by Father Machine and his warforged children.
      • Ettercaps – Have control of a section of the decks below the Junkyard and serve the Spider King. Willing to make trades for secrets.
      • The Loghyr – Powerful undead creature who controls several decks below the Junkyard. Able to control swarms of insects and psychically communicate, but his powers have very clear boundaries where they end. The Loghyr claims to be independent of the Hunger and to have been put on the Thalemegos by the elves.
    • Momentous things learned by the PCs
      • Any sentient, humanoid creature will rise after death as an undead creature. This is an after-effect of the Shattering.
      • How to create a magical circle of protection against undead.
      • The Thalemegos is an Elven warship that the Elves stocked with things they wanted to use as weapons.
  • 1547 Leanmonth 20 (4th Skyday) [Fourth Session]
    • Play Summary
      • An immense storm approached the ship, but as it drew nearer the PCs spotted an armada of dirigibles with goblins hanging off them. The PCs fought off the goblins, hobgoblins, ogre, wyvern and slug dropped by the dirigibles and rescued a pair of gnomes before the storm hit.
    • NPCs/Factions introduced:
      • L’Oie –Half-Elven merchant who lives in the Warrens, has an amulet that glows purple when someone is hidden/invisible near her.
      • Gnuts and Bults – Gnome craftsmen who were being held captive by Hobgoblins.
  • 1547 Leanmonth 22 (4th Silverday) [Fifth Session]
    • Play Summary
      • A quorum of PCs decided their eventual destination should be the Library of Sacred Knowledge. After speaking with Captain Ishmael, the PCs volunteered to explore a Dwarven fort in search of supplies. Arriving at the fort, they fought two wights and five zombies, solved a Dwarven puzzle to get into the forts interior and found a cache of supplies. With 1 day waiting to speak to Capt. I, 2 days travel to the fort and 1 day for a long rest after taking stock of the supplies the session ended on Leanmonth 26 (5th Skyday)
    • Momentous things learned by the PCs
      • The breath of a fire-breathing dragon is required for dirigibles to fly. The gnomes, Gnuts and Bults, told the PCs that if they were provided with a dragon carcass to them within 4 hours of the dragon's death that they could capture the needed gas.
  • 1547 Leanmonth 26 (5th Skyday) [Sixth Session]
    • Play Summary
      • The PCs travel down the mountain from the Dwarven fort and find a pile of Kenku bodies. Then they find a live Kenku, Kraw, and a silver-hulled ship with a strange wooden mechanism that allows them to fly as long as there are 4-8 crew pedaling or cranking. While they are investigating something burrows up from under the ground and swallows up all the treasure Kraw and his crew had gathered. After negotiating with Captain Ishmael, the PCs decide not to turn the new flying ship over to the Captain Ishmael and the others associated with the Hidden Sun, but instead dock the ship in the hull breach they discovered when fixing the engine on  1547 Leanmonth 11 (2nd Fastday). When they return with the remainder of the supplies from the Dwarven Fort, they find the chieftan of the Lightning Tongue Kobold clan waiting. They negotiate for the Kobold to watch over their docking space while they're away in exchange for 10% of treasure and the PCs help in determining who/what is killing the members of the Lightning Tail kobold clan.
    • NPCs/Factions introduced:
      • Kraw, Kenku pilot
    • Momentous things learned by the PCs
      • Captain Ishmael is unwilling to let the continue to stay in Suntown if they will not let the Hidden Sun have final say over the new flying ship.
  • 1547 Leanmonth 27 (5th Skyday) [Seventh Session]
    •  Play Summary
      • The PCs go to discover who has been killing kobolds as part of the deal they made on Leanmonth 26. The find a bugbear lair and the lair of Jalo, a sentient ooze or undead drow? But ultimately they find what was killing the kobolds was a trio of Blue Dragon wyrmlings. The PCs manage to kill two and let the third wyrmling go. The PCs return to their dock and find new crewmembers waiting to join up with them.
    • NPCs/Factions Introduced
      • Friðþjófr - Bugbear Chieftan
      • Olp - Courageous Kobold Warrior
      • Grunt - Ape-shaped Warforged who wants the PCs to help him get away from the followers of Father Machine.
      • Jarm - Teenage Human girl, seamstress and archer, leaving the followers of the Hidden Sun.
      • Jalo - A large black ooze with the silver skull of an Elf in it.
      • Audra - Blue Dragon Wyrmling
  • 1547 Calmmonth 2 (1st Skyday) [Eighth Session]
    • Play Summary
      • The PCs agree to go on a mission for L’Oie to recover two chests from the decks below the warrens. While below decks the encounter Elmaster, a crazy invisible wizard in love with L'Oie and then they find Elven experimental chambers including frozen bodies. They get too close to one of the bodies and encounter a ghost.
    • NPCs/Factions Introduced
      •  Elmaster - Romantic wizard in love with L'Oie who is rumored to be able to teleport all over Thalemegos.
      • Moist - A water mephit who has shown up to help Electra.

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