Friday, August 21, 2015

More Planarch Codex Heritage Moves

A selection of additional Heritage Moves for Planarch Codex

  • Human
    • Laugh in the face of death
    • Rally your allies when all looks lost
    • Display tenacity in a forbidding situation
  • Efreet
    • Offer a “deal”
    • Strike with magical fire
    • Provide just the right item, at a price
  • Gnome
    • Create a small mechanical device
    • Use your small size to hide
    • Craft an illusion
  • Halfling
    • Go on a fool's errand
    • Steal something small without being noticed
    • Avoid the attention of a larger creature
  • Ogre
    • Destroy something with your fists
    • Fly into a rage
    • Take something by force
  • Werewolf
    • Transform to pass unnoticed as beast or man
    • Doggedly track prey
    • Drive your pack into a fervor
  • Frogman
    • Launch an amphibious assault
    • Leap a great distance
    • Grab something with your freakishly long tongue
  • Kobold
    • Lay a trap
    • Retreat and regroup
    • Call on your draconic heritage
  • Angel
    • Deliver visions and prophecy
    • Stir mortals to action
    • Expose sin and injustice
  • Devil
    • Plumb the vaults of hell for a bargaining chip
    • Make a show of power
    • Strike with hell-fire
  • Goblin
    • Charge!
    • Retreat!
    • Strike in unison with your allies to overwhelm an opponent.
  • Gargoyle
    • Attack with the element of surprise
    • Take to the air
    • Blend into stonework
  • Spiderlord
    • Enmesh something in webbing
    • Bite with poisonous fangs
    • Move with unnatural quietness
  • Minotaur
    • Gore with your horns
    • Knock someone back
    • Navigate a labyrinth unerringly
  • Centaur
    • Overrun them
    • Fire a perfect bulls-eye
    • Gallop with unrelenting speed
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