Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Beyond The Wall - Random Undead Encounters

Since I'm using the Risen Dead threat from Across the Veil for the Beyond the Wall Actual Play Podcasts, I made a little random undead encounter table.

2d12 BtW Undead Encounter Source
2 Vampire BtW
3 Banshee BtW
4 Wraith BtW
5 Wight BtW
6 Captain of the Dead Across the Veil
7 Will-O'-the-Wisp BtW
8 Foolish Mortal Across the Veil
9 Ghoul BtW
10 Ghoul BtW
11 Zombie Rat BtW *Use Critter Stats
12 Zombie BtW
13 Zombie BtW
14 Zombie BtW
15 Skeleton BtW
16 Skeleton BtW
17 Skeleton BtW
18 Phantom BtW
19 Phantom BtW
20 Whispering Spirit Across the Veil
21 Revenant Across the Veil
22 Sluagh BtW
23 Spectre BtW
24 Risen King Across the Veil

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