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Beyond the Wall - Reptile Cult Threat Charts

For my actual play podcast, I’ve created my own threat of the Reptile Cult, inspired by old school modules like Against the Cult of the Reptile God and Dwellers of the Forbidden City. With one or both of those modules, or just some ideas on using a hidden cult of worshippers who try to turn themselves into ancient snake people, you can use the threat charts and monsters below to run your own Reptile Cult Threat in Beyond the Wall and Further Adventures using the threat rules from Further Afield (review here).

Character History

1d6 How did the Reptile Cult affect your childhood? Gain
1 A battle scarred group of tomb raiders came to town and were looking for something. You were impressed with them and listened to their stories in the inn. -1 Wis, Skill: Forbidden Lore
2 When you were a child, several villagers were stricken with a strange plague, rose from their beds in a trance, and wandered away into the swamps, never to be seen again. You contracted the disease and felt a strange compulsion, but stayed put. -1 Con, +1 Int
3 You had trouble sleeping throughout your childhood because you could hear the Snake people's hissing speech in your dreams. -1 Int, you know the language of the Snake people.
4 Long ago, you saw hooded and cloaked figures from the cult of the Snake King take a member of your family prisoner and swore revenge. While you do not know where the cult took your kin, you believe them to still live. -1 Wis, +1 Str
5 You rescued the Blacksmith's youngest child from a snake person in the swamp, but were badly scarred in the process. -1 Cha, Skill: Investigation
6 Once, when playing as a child, you fell into and then climbed out of a pit that lead to terrifying Snake People ruins. -1 Str, +1 Dex

Threat Effects

1 A random village or settlement other than the characters' home village is infiltrated by the Reptile Cult or the Reptile Cult strengthens their position.
2 The cult sends agents looking for humans with snakeblood in them. If one of the characters has any snakeblood, then any encounter rolls this week will be with 1d6 cultists.
3 The cult sends agents to a city or village looking for artifacts about the snake people, such as books or scrolls.
4 A body of water floods or expands, providing new swampy area for snakes and other reptiles to colonize.
5 Another Threat or power in the campaign world is set back by a cult attack. Another Threat is temporarily thwarted, or a local lord is killed, or a castle is sacked and burned.
6 The cult kidnaps 1d4 humans from a village or settlement to use in their experiments.

Recommended Monsters

  • Cockatrice
  • Giant Snake
  • Insect Swarm (Reskinned as a snake swarm)
  • Medusa

  • Amphisbaena
  • Attorcroppe (Reskinned as strange Reptile Cult experiments)
  • Crocodile
  • Jaculus
  • Sea Serpent
  • Snake, Venomous

Custom Monsters to use:

Lizard Folk

Hit Dice: 1d6 (4 HP)
AC: 14
Attack: +1 to hit, 1d6 (spear)
Alignment: Chaotic
XP: 15


Hit Dice: 1d10 (6 HP)
AC: 14
Attack: +1 to hit, 1d8 (great club)
Alignment: Chaotic
XP: 20
Non-reptilians in melee combat with a Troglodyte need to make a saving throw versus poison or suffer a 2 point penalty to all rolls and a 1 point penalty to AC.

Great Trog

Hit Dice: 3d10 (15 HP)
AC: 15
Attack: +3 to hit, 1d10 (great axe)
Alignment: Chaotic
XP: 50
Non-reptilians in melee combat with a Troglodyte need to make a saving throw versus poison or suffer a 2 point penalty to all rolls and a 1 point penalty to AC.

Minor Snake Person

Hit Dice: 1d6 (4 HP)
AC: 15
Attack: +1 to hit, 1d4 damage + poison (bite) or sling +1 to hit, 1d4 damage
Alignment: Chaotic
XP: 15
Notes: Poisonous (anyone bitten by must make a saving throw versus poison or be paralyzed for 1d4 hours)

Major Snake Person

Hit Dice: 4d8 (14 HP)
AC: 15
Attack: +4 to hit, 1d6 (bow) or 1d8 (Sword), 1d4 damage + poison (bite)
Alignment: Chaotic
XP: 175
Notes: Polymorph (Once per combat the Snake Person can gaze at an enemy and they must make a saving throw versus polymorph or be turned into a snake). Poisonous (anyone bitten by must make a saving throw versus poison or be paralyzed for 1d4 hours)


Hit Dice: 6d10 (33 HP)
AC: 17
Attack: +6 to hit, 1d8 (bite)
Alignment: Chaotic
XP: 650
Notes: Spellcaster (the Naga can cast six spells per day and is particularly fond of Burning Hands (as a 6th level caster for 1d3+12), Commanding Word, Conjure Darkness, Veil of Sleep and Web) True Name (the Naga has a true name which gives her foes power over her). Charm (When a creature meets the Naga’s gaze, they are affected as by the ‘False Friend’ spell. A normal saving throw versus spell is allowed and anyone who passes their saving throw is immune to the charms of this particular Naga. A creature can avoid her gaze by taking a -4 penalty to attack rolls. If the Mage Light cantrip is cast on the Naga’s eyes, it will prevent her gaze from working but she can make a saving throw versus spell to avoid the effect). Vulnerable to Iron (the Naga takes double damage from iron)

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