Tuesday, March 13, 2018

GM Tool - Dry Erase Crayons

So, last summer I discovered Dry Erase Crayons on clearance at a Target and thought, why not give those a try. Less than a month after trying them I bought a 96 pack and gave some away to all of my local GM friends as part of their Xmas gifts and I haven't used a dry erase marker myself since picking them up...

You might be thinking, well they're just crayons but...

  • They don’t dry out. I used to grab two or three dry erase markers before I found one that left a nice clean line and I'd always have to be careful about putting the cap back on, but no more.
  • They don’t smudge as easily and I no longer have fingers and hands stained black, blue and red the day after running a game.
  • They're long lasting for DMs who are sketching a quick line drawn map. Some reviews say they don't last that long, but many of those reviews are about children using them roughly and no drawing implement lasts long under those conditions.
  • They wipe easily with a microfiber cleaning cloth, even if some reviews imply otherwise, I've been able to clean all my dry erase surfaces quickly and easily with a microfiber cloth--even when I left the crayon drawing on a board for over a week as a test.
  • You can get them really cheaply if you watch clearance sales at stores and online. My first set I found on clearance at Target, I was able to get a 96 pack for $25 on Amazon (currently up to $32 when this post was written, which is still 33¢ a crayon) and have found the Bright neon crayons on sale as well.
  • You get the eight basic crayon colors in one pack, and after buying more than my fair share of dry erase and wet erase markers for games, it's great to know that you're going to get yellow, red, blue, green, brown, purple, orange and black. Plus, if you want more options you can get neon colors.
So far I've yet to find anything I did with dry erase markers that I can't do with these crayons and they have improved my GM game by letting me cut down time spent finding a working marker or hunting for a cap.

They look bigger in tiny hands... #teamtinyhands

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