Monday, March 5, 2018

I like BIG DICE...

and I cannot lie... (small dice for size)

Last year I discovered the joy of BIG DICE. Partly this was due to running 13th Age and needing a big d6 for the Escalation Die, but I've also found them to be great GM tools. What do I use BIG DICE for?

What's the advantage of using BIG DICE for these tasks?

  • Easy to read at a glance.
  • Harder to accidentally knock over. (I've found that metal dice are also good for this).
  • Stand out from smaller dice. I only have a small number of BIG DICE so I'm not trying to remember if the wyvern hp total was on the sparkly black dice or the matte black with speckles dice.
Now I make sure I have my big dice handy for every game I run. You can find a set of your own at Dark Elf Dice, which is my favorite online dice store.

Consider this the first of what will hopefully be many short weekly GM tips as I continue to re-boot the blog.

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