Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tuesday Table - Snake Person Admixture

Since I'm home-brewing up a Reptile Cult / Snake Person Threat for the Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures actual play game that I'm running for the Antagonist Relations Podcast, I figured that I should make up a table to determine just what parts and snake and what parts are person for my snake people (or snersons, if you prefer)... Here's a 2d12 table to do just that...

2d12 Snake Person Admixture
2 Snakes instead of arms
3 Snakes instead of arms
4 No legs, snake tail
5 Scales instead of skin
6 Scales instead of skin
7 Legs and a snake tail
8 Cobra Head
9 Cobra Head
10 Forked tongue
11 Forked tongue
12 Snake Eyes
13 Snake Eyes
14 Snake Eyes
15 Forked tongue
16 Viper head
17 Viper head
18 Viper head
19 Legs and a snake tail
20 Scales instead of skin
21 Scales instead of skin
22 No legs, snake tail
23 Snakes instead of arms
24 Snakes instead of arms

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