Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday Table - What's in the Sack (Beyond the Wall)

While the Further Afield supplement for Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures has several great treasure tables, what it is lacking is a "what's on the body" type chart to determine items found on a low level foe. Since I'm running two Beyond the Wall games now, I've drafted up my own little chart that I can roll on to determine an interesting item and an amount of coin by rolling 2d12 twice.

What's in the Sack, a table of random items for Beyond the Wall

First Roll
Second Roll
2 A fine silver spoon. & 1d8 gold coin
3 A child's doll. & 1d8 gold coin
4 A live chicken. & 2d6 silver coin
5 A bottle of fine drink. & 2d6 silver coin
6 A lodestone. & 2d6 silver coin
7 An inaccurate map. & 2d6 silver coin
8 Parchment, quill and ink. & 2d6 silver coin
9 A pocket-size book of trite advice. & 3d4 copper coin
10 A small bag of salt. & 3d4 copper coin
11 A woodcarving knife in a well-made leather sheath. & 3d4 copper coin
12 A sewing needle and spool of thread. & Nothing
13 A ripe apple or small jar of pickles. & Nothing
14 A small bag of oats, wooden bowl and a spoon. & Nothing
15 A flute or other small musical instrument. & 3d4 copper coin
16 A twisted yew branch. & 3d4 copper coin
17 A length of fine satin ribbon. & 3d4 copper coin
18 A piece of an ancient marble statue. & 2d6 silver coin
19 A small bag of fine, white sand. & 2d6 silver coin
20 A ram's horn. & 2d6 silver coin
21 A small packet of Blue Hallows, Goblin's Bane or other useful herb. & 2d6 silver coin
22 A faerie key made from spidersilk. & 2d6 silver coin
23 A feather from a cockatrice, griffon, hercinia or other magical bird. & 1d8 gold coin
24 A pouch with seven cold iron arrowheads. & 1d8 gold coin

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